Nihal Arik completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Metallurgical Engineering at METU, Ankara in 1978. She then continued her studies in 1980 in UK and Japan, and in 1981 in Boston, USA.

Upon her return to Turkey, she started working in the steel industry and took senior management roles until 2002. Now,she is the partner of her own company.

​She started her artistic work in 1997, and developed her basic painting skills at various art institutions. While working at the studios of various artists such as Selçuk Erdoğan, Ramuş İpek, she ​developed herself further in a wide range of styles and materials, from charcoal and dry pastel to gouache, acrylic and oil painting. During this time, The Artist also designed jewellery with semi-precious stones.

From 2000 on, she displayed her paintings and jewellery designs at solo and group exhibitions​.

 In 2017, The Artist’s work were displayed at EuroExpoArt Vernice Art Fair, taking place at Forli, Italy and she also attended another exhibition at Key Art Project Gallery in İstanbul in april in the same year..

The Artist participated recently  to Urla Atelier Kırmızı , Baku Gallery Exhibition 'From Turkey with Love' and Artbridge13 Talisman Exhibition at Cologne , Germany in september 2018,and  SoArt Poroject,'Mucizevi Yansımalar' exhibition ,Ortaköy,Kethüda Art Gallery in october 2018., Hilton Contemporary Art Show in İstanbul in december 2018 , Niş Art Gallery 'Foot Steps of Past 'in İstanbul in January 2019 , ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair in march 2019 , World Art Day Exhibition,Gallery Next,DC Kosmoz in İstanbul in april 2019,

Ataşehir Mural Art in İstanbul in october 2019 , and SoArt Project, 'Mucizevi Yansımalar Exhibition, Taksim Art Gallery in İstanbul,in November 2019

The artist displayed her recent paintings in December 2021 ,at UKKSA gallery in İstanbul and in april 2022 at International Online Exhibition of Bahariye Art Gallery. 


In her ​paintings​, she uses a wide spectrum of colors in their most striking hues, and animals and human forms for expressing immortalising moments and  strong  emotions The Artist focuses on acrylic and oil painting of the mother nature with its all means…